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News Outlets

News has become entertainment for the most part, charting ever up and down tick of the marekts. There are a few credible outlets remaining.

The Financial Times

A superior stable of editors ensures that the quality of reporting at the FT is superior to almost anything else out there. Extremely detailed specialist sections covering the latest areas of global concern (Europe, Exchanges, etc.)


If you are a market professional, you have a Bloomberg terminal. Bloomberg stories and information are the lingua franca of markets now, for better or worse. Bloomberg reporters make use of the superior analytics of the Bloomberg machine, enabling useful insights into market movements.

There are hundreds of financial blogs, with a wide range of opinions and focus. Here are a few I find useful

Calculated Risk - lots of charts, lots of information. Extremely useful disection of US government figures.
The Big Picture- Good, no nonsense easy to read commentary on the current state of the market
Naked Capitalism - More European commentary, and more lengthy, thoughtful posts.